1. Solo Day, All Day

    Lorde? Adele? Rihanna? Darius Rucker? Orleans? John Legend? Frank Sinatra? Thin Lizzy? Bastille? They’re great and all, but we’ve been working our tails off all day trying to top them.

    This may be more difficult than anticipated.

    It’s Solo Day in Attic Studios with the Beaux. It’s really special because we normally focus so much on group sound in rehearsal that we don’t get to devote a ton of time to soloist work. A sound studio changes all of that, though.

    In here Matt gets to try out different versions of a slight southern twang, which is invaluable for a kid from Brooklyn. Ben gets to figure out where he’s going to mimic Dan Smith’s distinct tone. Ethan has the opportunity to try out different intervals of the stupidly high notes in “Still the One.” Seriously, how is Orleans STILL performing that song?

    Posing nude for an album apparently immortalizes your vocal chords.

    We really like how this whole “album” thing is coming along, and we know you will, too. We have plenty of metaphorical miles left to travel, but Man Diva Monday has been one hell of a time.

    Beaux: out.

  2. Profiles in Leadership: Andy Rentschler

    Oh, Captain! My Captain! Every once in a while a pack of guys is lucky enough to stumble upon a natural-born leader, and man, is Andy “AJ Rentsch” “Rentsch Toast” “Cool Rentsch Doritos” Rentschler one of them.

    He has all the qualities you want in a guy at the helm. Reasoned, relatable, and relaxed, Andy is our Business Manager and President, which means we look to him not only for rehearsal and performance schedules, but also for guidance and the occasional morale boost.

    Our Beauxmander-in-Chief also has quite the following. It seems like everywhere we go, SOMEONE in the crowd thinks he is just adorable. That’s a double-edged sword, though. True story: last year on Spring Break in Mexico, a preteen mistook him for Justin Bieber. It was a rough period for Andy, but we all got through it together. Kid clearly had a vision problem.

    What, you guys don’t see the similarities?

    But for seriously, Andy has made it his personal mission to keep this group as cohesive as possible. He initiates movie screenings, trips to the dining hall, frisbee sessions on the Green, and much more. In other words, he’s the reason we don’t hang out with anybody else. JK LAWLZ

    And so President Wrench, we minions tip our hats and raise our glasses to you for all that you do in and outside this group. And the positively DANK hot tub back at your parents’ house.

  3. Progress, march on

    If you told us at the beginning of recording that we’d already have eleven tracks laid down by the end of two days, we probably would have laughed in your face. Well, the remaining eight of us laughed at Andy and Phil when they told us that that was the game plan. But it’s funny how far a little old-fashioned elbow grease can get you. That and frequent “Family Guy” breaks.

    It is never NOT a wonderful day for pie.

    Don’t get us wrong: we’re not done with recording. Not even close. We still have pretty much every solo to lock up in addition to the overdubbing that maybe 6 of you will actually notice. But making this kind of headway this ahead of schedule is just plain ridiculous. That’s what you get when you record in a closet. Right, Steve?

    We had to work this quickly because our very own Drew (we prefer “Drewbie”) is headed for Indianapolis in a few days. What’s in Indianapolis, you may ask? The NCAA Division III Swimming & Diving Championship meet.

    Obviously we weren’t going to cut Aquaman out of the album, so we fired on all cylinders for two days straight and got all of his stuff done! Now Drew can venture off to represent Camel Country and preside over Atlantis with a clear head.

    "Dude, the reverb in this is so… natural." - actual quote

    Kick butt over there, Drewbie! We’re mad proud of our breaux!

    Sidenote: does anybody think it’s kind of ironic that a national swimming competition is taking place in a mostly landlocked state? I see you, Gary, Indiana.

    March 9, 2014
  4. Profiles in Leadership: Phil Pacelli

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a guy more genuine and hardworking than our own Phil Pacelli. We call him the Pope, but we won’t tell you why.

    He’s a straight shooter, he’s humble, and he sounds like what would happen if Frank Sinatra and Barry White could have had a baby. Obviously they couldn’t, but that’s not really the point here.

    As the Pitch of the Co Co Beaux (that’s “Music Director” for all you sports fans out there), Pope writes up most of our arrangements and teaches us all of them. He also points out the trouble spots and comes up with each setlist. This means that we actually would not function without him.

    While the rest of us wait for our turn to record, chow down on local foods (shout-out to City Feed & Supply in all their hipster glory), watch “Planet Earth” and Pixar movies, and generally act like idiots, Phil is by our audio engineer’s side making sure that each track is getting the attention it deserves.

    After each take, he’s the one telling us to go back because Drew said “doh” instead of “doo” (c’mon Drew). He’s the one pointing out where we sped up and where we need to get louder. He thinks of all the stuff that doesn’t necessarily occur to the rest of us. Music is clearly one of his true passion, and we’re pretty darn thankful for him.

    He’s also, like, the sweetest dude in the world… Ladies.

    March 9, 2014
  5. Day Two begins with a surprise appearance by David Attenborough of Planet Earth! OK, not really, but that impersonation is pretty darn close.